Courses taught at Humboldt University of Berlin

Modality (Summer Semester 2021: Undegraduate advanced Seminar)

In this course, we explore modal expressions, like attitude verbs and modal auxiliaries. We introduce the notion of possible words semantics in order to explain the meaning of these expressions. We will also discuss the role of syntax and prosody in the interpretation of modal expressions.

Introduction to Semantics (Undergraduate, Winter Semester 2020-2021)

This course offers an introduction to formal semantics and pragmatics. We introduce propositional and predicate logic. We explain different types of ambiguities and we investigate different types of inferences (i.e., implicatures, presuppositions and entailments).

Introduction to Semantics (Undergraduate, Winter Semester 2019-2020)

This course offers an introduction to formal semantics. We see how we can derive the meaning of a sentence by combining the meaning of its parts.

Syntax – Semantics Interface (Undergraduate, Summer Semester 2018)

In this course we study phenomena that lie in the syntax-semantics interface, like verbal alternations and thematic relations, anaphora resolution and structural ambiguities.

Invited lectures (please contact me via e-mail for handouts and materials)

University of Wroclaw
April 2021 Verbal and Sentence Mood in Greek
April 2019 Aspect, Mood and Modality in Greek
Αpril 2018 Negation in Greek

University of Bucharest
March 2020 Seminar on Subjunctive Mood (the view from the Balkans)

University of Crete
May 2017 Introduction to logic and formal semantics (4 lectures)

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